Monday, November 1, 2010

Dont blame the dog, blame the owner.

I found this on a facebook group and I COMPLETELY agree with this!

All dogs, any dog, any breed CAN become aggressive if not trained and cared for correctly. Stop blaming the dog, stop blaming the breed. Blame the irresponsible owners that insist in having dogs and not looking after them correctly. Good dog owners have Good dogs and Good dogs have Good owners.

Pit bulls are so misunderstood. The breed ban in certain states is ridiculous and should not be alLowed. What is the problem with this breed? Because of their dogfighting history and the fact that their jaw locks, they get pushed out of our world as if its nothing. I have a problem with this. Pit bulls are such great dogs and everyone of them have potential of being great family dogs if you take the time to train them.

Read the book 'Oogy.' Its a great book about a great pit bull. I read it myself and I fell in love.